Genetics and Epigenetics in Allergic Rhinitis

Genetics and Epigenetics in Allergic Rhinitis

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Choi, B. Y., Han, M., Kwak, J. W., & Kim, T. H. (2021). Genetics and Epigenetics in Allergic Rhinitis. Genes, 12(12), Article 12.


The pathogenesis of allergic rhinitis is associated with genetic, environmental, and epigenetic factors. Genotyping of single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) is an advanced technique in the field of molecular genetics that is closely correlated with genome-wide association studies (GWASs) in large population groups with allergic diseases. Many recent studies have paid attention to the role of epigenetics, including alteration of DNA methylation, histone acetylation, and miRNA levels in the pathogenesis of allergic rhinitis. In this review article, genetics and epigenetics of allergic rhinitis, including information regarding functions and significance of previously known and newly-discovered genes, are summarized. Directions for future genetic and epigenetic studies of allergic rhinitis are also proposed.