About Us

Our Mission


BioInform’s mission is to provide a community platform that fosters interdisciplinary collaboration and access to educational resources through the lens of bioinformatics.


The field of bioinformatics is expanding rapidly, transcending traditional scientific boundaries. As a unifying thread, bioinformatics has the potential to bridge the gap between interdisciplinary communication and promote collaboration. Collaborative efforts are essential to achieving scientific breakthroughs, as they bring together diverse perspectives and expertise to address complex problems.

The open-access nature of bioinformatics has created a vast reservoir of educational resources, providing an opportunity for anyone to learn the fundamentals of bioinformatics. However, the abundance of resources can make it challenging to identify the most suitable tool for a specific task. Our educational resource center at BioInform aims to address this challenge by offering a curated collection of tried-and-tested educational resources, making it easier and faster for individuals to discover new tools that have been approved by others.

Furthermore, our educational resource center serves as a hub for established bioinformatics communities. Our platform provides direct access to connect and collaborate with other scientists, fostering an environment for fruitful scientific discussions and collaborations. At BioInform, we are committed to providing access to educational resources and promoting interdisciplinary collaboration. Our goal is to drive scientific breakthroughs and advancements in bioinformatics and beyond.


BioInform supports its central values of collaboration and education through the Education Resource Center, Expert Advice, the Literature Corner, and the Ambassador Program.

Our Story

“While attending the “Strategies and Techniques for Analyzing Microbial Population Structures” Advanced Research Training Course at the University of Chicago Marine Biological Laboratory, I was amazed at the diversity of disciplines my represented within my cohort. Bioinformatics was the common thread uniting our research from medicine to marine biology and everything in between. Throughout the course, we all worked together to tackle challenges in our own and eachothers research.”

“After returning home to New York, I was excited to share my collaborative experience at the MBL. I wished everyone could access such a wealth of knowledge and a synergetic atmosphere. This sparked my idea to create BioInform, a platform to bridge the gap in communication between researchers in diverse fields. With support from the MBL Alumni ROCs Award, I was able to bring my vision to life.”

  • Erin Maybach, Founder of BioInform