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The community oriented values of Anvi'o are reflected in their wealth of learning resources.

Anvi'o Tutorials

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Anyone looking for conceputal explanations of bioinformatics concepts Anyone looking for hands on tutorials Learners who prefer video/lecture style tutorials


At its core, Anvi’o is defined as “An open-source, community-driven analysis and visualization platform for microbial ‘omics” (website). Anvi’o software allows users to integrate multiple ‘omics layers and produce stunning, comprehensive visuals that capture the functional and structural nuances of microbes. Beyond the sofware, the Anvi’o website is host to a wealth of bioinformatics tutorials spanning tools and methods. Trust me when I tell you that this resource page is a GOLD MINE. Whether you are looking to use the Anvi’o software in your research or not, the resources on this website extend beyond the Anvi’o software to include helpful lectures and hands on tutorials from a range of bioinformatics topics. Anvi’o’s dedication to its core values of inclusion and collaboration are reflected in the quality of their resource center. Especially for learners seeking interaction with the greater bioinformatics community, Anvi’o provides a wonderful gateway.


The community oriented values of Anvi’o are reflected in their wealth of learning resources.